Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Political West

"McClatchy Editor Defends Publishing Al Qaeda Detail CNN, NY Times Held Back" They held it back because the full story is too obviously bullshit.  Government liars tend to overreach.  Part of the job of the mainstream media is to fix the Official Lies so they have at least a tiny chance at being semi-plausible.

"Foreign Affairs Forgets To Mention Douglas Feith Was Investigated for Bush-Era Torture"  Feith works on his get-out-of-jail-free card.

Hastings (more and more unbelievable):
"Last night, Hastings' widow appeared on Piers Morgan's vile show, making her first public statements in the flesh since Hastings died.

Unforunately, Hastings' wife is getting ripped to shreds for her "in my gut" it was "an accident" and her minimizing statements that "Michael was ALWAYS working on 5 stories...." since this reflects an about-face from her.

Is she scared? Has she gone into "grief overload" as some survivors do (as did the Kennedys), or was she a mole?

But she's now being accused of being a femme fatale.

Hopefully not, but it's been pointed out that:

Elise Jordan served as a director for communications in the National Security Council from 2008-09. She worked for the Commanding General's Strategic Advisory Group in both Iraq and afghanistan.

Hastings releases his story on Stanley McChrystal in 2010

She married Hastings in May 2011.

June 2013 Hastings says hes working on his BIGGEST story EVER

Soon after he is dead

Could hastings have made the fatal mistake of telling his wife, Elise Jordan, what he was working on ?

Big picture (maybe too big):  "Edward Snowden and the Political West"

The theory that Snowden and Assange are working for some kind of New Reich run out of Germany!:  "Snowden’s Ride, Part 9: Catherine Ashton, EU Defense and Intelligence Structure and the Muslim Brotherhood" (and other stories in the links therein).  "“Anti-Fascist Researcher” Dave Emory is a Bumbling McCarthyite & the CIA’s Useful Idiot - by Alex Constantine" "Dave Emory is the CIA's Useful Idiot"  Emory could get a job writing for DEBKAfile.

"The Ecuadorian Library" by Bruce Sterling
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