Thursday, August 08, 2013

We've never been safer.

"That TOR Exploit Probably Wasn't the NSA After All"  The headline is lousy - all we know is that it was probably SAIK working for somebody, we can't possibly know that it 'probably wasn't the NSA'.  It is completely irrelevant which American government agency was involved.

"Did the CIA Just Run an Intel Operation on the Daily Beast?"  A mega al Qaeda conference call, either before or after the Snowden revelations, is difficult to believe.  The entire convenient threat is bullshit, and the reason for optimism is that it was such obvious bullshit that nobody believes it.  If we go back to the idea that Snowden was a CIA attack on the NSA/Pentagon, maybe the CIA just ran an intel operation on the NSA, creating a scenario so ridiculous that the NSA (and their bff Barry) would be further weakened by relying on it.

"What If the Tor Takedown Relates to the Yemeni Alert?"  Sometimes you can over-think things.

"Indictment of Iran for ’94 Terror Bombing Relied on MEK"  Everybody in Argentina now knows that Iran has been framed.

We've never been safer.
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