Saturday, August 17, 2013

Who are the dinosaurs now?

Barry thinks the olds are too befuddled by the cell phones and the internets and the Facespaces and shit that this NSA stuff will go right over their alzheimered little heads:
  1. "Barack Obama's lost youth";
  2. "Manning, Snowden, Assange and The Rise of the Internet Generation"
  3. "Chomsky Says Young People Don't Care About Surveillance — Is He Right?" ("Perhaps Chomsky failed to recognize that it's one thing not to be shocked, and another entirely not to be 'bothered.'")
  4. "Young people, by 60% to 34%, think that the NSA leak serves the public interest. Americans 30 and older are divided (46% serves vs. 47% harms)."
It is fashionable for the 'left' to think that the Republicans are doomed dinosaurs, but in a two-party system, with Barry condescendingly shitting all over his own party, who are the young voters of tomorrow going to turn to?
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