Friday, September 13, 2013

Aftermath of a disappointment

Detailed analysis of Barry's strangely incoherent speech:  "Obama’s Exceptionally Weird Speech on Syria".  They seem to have taken a poorly written 'kill, kill, kill' speech, and, in a fit of disappointment and rage, simply added a little at the end to change the story.

"Obama’s Humiliating Defeat" by Glen Ford.  There was a time in American history when narrowly avoiding a war would have been cause for national celebration.

"Why is Kim Kagan Throwing Young Analyst Under the Bus?"  The Jews have a clear and consistent technique for fooling Americans into Wars For The Jews.  Part of the process is the use by the Jew-controlled mainstream media of newly-minted 'experts' supplied by think-tanks.  The PhD problem is uncharacteristically sloppy.

Another part of the technique:  "Kenneth Roth: Human Rights for...war"
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