Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Circling the wagons

It is the height of 'anti-Semitism' to suggest that the running of the American economy is connected to violent racist Jewish supremacism.  Yet control of the American economy is necessary for the building of the Zionist Empire, and Barry has been given a list of Jews from whom to select the next Federal Reserve Chairman.  The front-runner is out of the race:  "Democratic opposition dooms Larry Summers's Fed chances" 

Would Summers be out of the race had AIPAC succeeded in twisting enough Congressional arms to get Barry and the Jewish billionaires their war against Syria?  No.  The supremacist group loss on Syria has introduced a note of caution into the scheming of the supremacist group, and it is thought to be unwise to waste even more political capital on someone as hated as Summers.  Summers is the only casualty of the proposed war on Syria.

As an aside, Ray McGovern on the 'distinctly funereal atmosphere' surrounding a group of Jews who have missed out on a war (see also, Elliott Abrams!):
"Fleischer and Gergen were alternately downright furious over the Russian initiative to give peace a chance and disconsolate at seeing the prospect for U.S. military involvement in Syria disappear when we were oh so close. After some caustic and condescending outbursts, an almost surreally disconsolate mood set in. It looked like these fellas were not going to get their war.
Later remarks by Lieberman and Wolfowitz reflected a distinctly funereal atmosphere. I felt I had come to a wake with somberly dressed folks (no pastel ties this time) grieving for a recently, dearly-departed war."

"Guardian Story on Israel and N.S.A. Is Not ‘Surprising’ Enough to Cover" "All The News That Is ‘significant or surprising’: NYT editor defends ignoring NSA-Israel collaboration (Updated)"  The calculation of the supremacist group and their controlled media is that it is worthwhile to keep this story out of the news cycle, even when they know that their scheming will be caught.  Getting caught is an 'inside baseball' journalistic ethics and practices question, the kind of thing which causes eyes to glaze over, and takes the delicate and supremely important matter out of the news.

"Israel worried it may be pushed to join chemical weapons ban"  "Syrian chemical weapons deal puts pressure on Israel to sign weapons treaties"  "The Washington Post on chemical weapons around the world"  Here's where political capital and control of the media will be used.

Or here:  "Kerry tells Israel that Syria accord is no prelude to Iran deal"  "Israel Calls for New Pressure on Iran" 

There is a palpable fear in World Jewry that peace could break out, or that Israel might be held to the same moral and legal standards insisted upon for everybody else.  The loss of the war on Syria means that prioritizing the goals of the violent group supremacists has a new urgency and importance.
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