Tuesday, September 03, 2013


The big story the Jew-controlled media wants Americans to understand is that neither Israel nor the Israeli Lobby - which, of course, doesn't exist, or has no power, and you are a vile 'anti-Semite' if you even mention the subject - wants, or has any role in promoting, the proposed American attack on Syria. 

"Israel lobby silent on Syria"

"AIPAC’s Position (Or Lack of One) on Syria"

"On Obama’s Plan, a Message Emerges in Israel: Stay Quiet":
". . . Israel has a powerful American lobby with bipartisan strength that could be uniquely positioned to help the White House shore up support in Congress.
Yet there were no outward signs on Sunday that Israel would attempt to influence the outcome, and numerous experts on the Israel-American relationship said it would be deeply dangerous to try."
World Jewry is so concerned to hide the central truth, that this latest warmongering is entirely an operation of Israel and World Jewry, that we are even seeing deAIPACization when the truth accidentally slips out: "AIPAC finally appears on the syria war hawk horizon, but then gets edited out again"

Note that not only is AIPAC heavily involved, but World Jewry considers this latest War For The Jews central to the continuation of Jewish slaveholding of Americans, and the future of a forced American attack on Iran.
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