Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kerry, the idiot

I'm not one of those who thinks that Kerry is an idiot.  Like Biden, he has perfected the art of being the dumb guy in over his head who gets what he wants by letting others think they got one over on him.  Do you think this was a gaffe?:  "Kerry to Russia: Syria comments were not a proposal"  Or was it something cooked up by diplomats at the Russian G20 - where Putin and Obama had to pretend to hate each other (but you can see the smirk) - to give everybody a face-saving way out.  The losers are the Jewish billionaires and the aching fangs of World Jewry.  Of course, the Lobby feared a loss of influence if it couldn't whip the Congressional votes, so it may be a win all around except for those deeply committed to Yinonism.

Added:  "Nancy Pelosi: Russian Proposal On Syria Is A 'Victory' For Obama"  Note the unnecessary scare quotes from the media with a bad case of the sads.
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