Monday, September 23, 2013

Kicking John Kerry up the arse

This may well be the single stupidest thing I have ever read:  "The Logic Behind Assad’s Use of Chemical Weapons".  Do you think it is a parody?  A withering comment on the incompetence of American political science?  When Father Ted kicked Bishop Brennan up the arse he almost got away with it on the basis that it was such a ruinous thing for him to have done he could not possibly have done it. 

"Syria: Controversy surrounding MintPress Ghouta report."  MintPress has decided not to help Dale Gavlak's employment prospects with the Jew-controlled media.

"How Will Benjamin Netanyahu Confront Iran's Charm Offensive?  Hassan Rouhani's Tweet Detente Puts Israel in a Bind"  The stark fact is that peace is never 'good for the Jews', and it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide.

The cultural contradictions of lite Zionism:
  1. "‘It is Zionist to think that American Jews have any connection to Israel’"
  2. "MJ Rosenberg on Anti Zionist Zionists" (Atzmon)

"Wilkerson says Graham and McCain ‘border on being traitors’ for allegiance to Netanyahu".  Border on?  I assume the hold over McCain is that the Israelis know what he told the Viet Cong, and the hold over Graham is that he is the biggest closet case in American politics.

"How pro-Israel forces drove two virulent anti-Muslim campaigns"  There is no mystery who is behind American Islamophobia.

"Army vet charged with joining terrorists pleads guilty to lesser charge"   "Army Vet Fighting in Syria Gets Plea Deal"  It used to be that American authorities completely abandoned you when you were caught participating in an American black op, but I guess that was becoming too hard on recruitment levels.
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