Sunday, September 01, 2013

The problem with Yinon

"Obama Consults With France’s Hollande on Syria" - just before he announced he decided - because he is such a gracious fellow - to follow the Constitution and seek Congressional authorization.  One has to assume that the last hope for going it alone was something stronger from France than Hollande was prepared to grant.  Comment from 'ginger' (before the WSJ cleans things up):
"The Israeli/Neocon ‘Red-Line Game’
Everybody remembers Netanyahu on the floor of the UN last year, brandishing his RED LINE cartoon bomb, as he unsuccessfully tried to hoax the US into a war on Iran last Fall, based on numerous Israeli/Neocon fabrications?
Everybody remembers (don’t they?) how Michael Ledeen/Mossad fabricated the Niger Yellowcake Forgeries, which Ledeen then handed off to Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans, in order to hoax the US into the disatrous war against Iraq?
And everybody does remember the last several instances of the Israelis/Neocons claiming again and again that Syria used chemical weapons’ when in fact it is the Syrian rebels who have been caught with 2 kg of Sarin gas (when the Turks arrested a group of them) and the UN Investigating teams say these attacks appear to have been done by the Syrian rebels themselves, as a False Flag operation, in cahoots with Israeli agendas
Obama was MANEUVERED into setting up the ‘redline’ by Israel and the Neocons in order to staave off an Israeli attack on Iran and further Israeli attacks on Syria – and now the Israelis her Israeli Lobby are USING their prior set-up in order to further MANIPULATE the US into an attack on Syria
This is the Israeli/Neocon Red-Line Game. Force the American president into a corner, like setting up a bowling pin, and then knock him down and force him into a hoaxed war"
The reason everything is so up in the air - with both Barry and Congress - is that the handful of Jewish billionaires who decide such things are having great difficulty making up their minds.  Yinon principles - which are really just a subset of the general Jewish principle that what is Good For The Jews is to set groups of gentiles at each others throats, with the hope that in the mayhem, death and confusion the Jews can sneak  unnoticed up the middle - would dictate enough cruise missiles directed at Assad's army to level the playing field with the rebels in the hopes that the fighting continues for years. Mirabile dictu, that is exactly what Barry is suggesting on the hilarious pretext that it is punishment for the use of weapons that only the US and Israel are allowed to use.

On the other hand, there is a problem with Yinon.  Yinon is predicated on the assumption that the Jews can control instability for as long as they want.  What if that isn't true?  What if some lung-eater statelet is established filled to the brim with real Israel haters who are crazed and hardened by war enough that they could cause some real damage?  Assad has been absolutely no problem to Israel, and poses no problem in the future.  Besides the problem of trading Assad for unknown horrors, there is the additional problem that these little tussles have the habit of turning into much bigger wars, perhaps World War III, with the chance that Israel might disappear in the larger engagement.  On top of that, Jewish fingerprints are all over this false flag even more than usual, and Americans are finally starting to figure out who to blame (it is still not permitted to say it out loud).  As much as modern Jewish geopolitical thinking is tied to Yinon, the Jewish billionaires have to weigh many factors in deciding what is Good For The Jews, and thus what Americans will be forced to do.  The Jewish billionaires haven't decided yet, so nobody can predict what will happen.
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