Thursday, September 12, 2013

There is no obvious title for this

"NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel"  "US sees Israel, tight Mideast ally, as spy threat"  Note the completely opposite positions of the NSA and CIA.

"Fuck The Guardian: Take Your Drip and Stick It":
"For the moment, Greenwald is the perfect  point man for a helpfully circumscribed debate in which elite interests and public interests coincide, with his wide-eyed faith in reform through government policy; his zeal, from day one,  to helpfully delineate between good whistleblowing (Snowden) and bad (Manning); his uncritical genuflections to the idea of ‘national security’; his willingness to redact and withhold; his anodyne preoccupation with ‘privacy’ to the exclusion of malfeasance; the relatively high credibility he has with harder lefts and libertarians, now rubbing off on, and immunizing, the clowns at the Guardian; and last, but certainly not least, for the determination with which he and his cultish fans smack down critics calling for more leaks, more technical information, less redacting, less subservience and greater accountability. In short, Greenwald has proven a surprisingly capable gatekeeper, whether he sees himself as such or not."

"Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald"  Telling us that something is unsafe but leaving out the details will lead people to give up on privacy and security altogether, which would make the NSA very happy.

A popular theory in the American right these days is that Assange and Snowden are working for the Russians:  "Former NSA Officer: Wikileaks Is A Front For Russian Intelligence And Snowden's (Probably) A Spy".

"Today's Blind Items - The Killings"  "Erica Kennedy"  "The True Story Surrounding The Death of Jay Z’s Mistress Cathy White"  "Ronni Chasen"  The gangsters running the music industry aren't black.

"UPDATE: Investigators Have a New Lead On the Golden State Killer"

"Bus ad questioning 9/11 sparks call for review of OC Transpo policies"

"1,140 WTC 9/11 responders have cancer — and doctors say that number will grow"

the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated

"Dag Hammarskjold death: UN 'should reopen inquiry'"
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