Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What does Barry want?

Barry wants to be Bill Clinton.  He wants to spend his post-Presidential years swanning around the cool places of the world taking big pay checks for gracing the 1% with his presence and sputtering a few platitudes.  Everything he does is done to ensure that those pay checks - the delayed bribes by the 1% in gratitude for his efforts as President - keep coming in.  Wall Street and the big banksters get absolutely everything they want and then some as Wall Street will be hosting a lot of the events where the checks are delivered.  World Jewry gets everything it wants and then some because the Jewish billionaires control the universities, think tanks, and a lot of Wall Street.  Explaining Barry is very simple.  He needs to keep the people who will be handing out the checks happy.  When I look at Barry I see absolutely no ideology or political viewpoint whatsoever - everything is about those checks.

So when the Jewish billionaires said they wanted a slaughtering of Syrians, Barry was quick to oblige.  The complete resistance of the American people to another War For The Jews was no problem at all.  Congressional resistance was a bit more of a problem, but only for the reason that pushing on without the cover of Congressional sanction left Barry personally exposed as a possible war criminal.  This is not a problem now, but for someone who expects to be cashing those checks for decades to come, including checks from overseas, even as little as being thought to be a war criminal - and there is not a shadow of a doubt that a slaughtering of Syrians without UN approval would make Barry the worst kind of war criminal - could cause a potential income stream problem for the future.  He does not want to become Henry Kissinger, unable to travel anywhere without being arrested.

Thus, Putin's little trick was very welcome.  Barry can honestly say he did all he could but those damned 'anti-Semites' pulled a fast one.  He doesn't run any risk of being a war criminal.  The checks are safe.

It is funny how all the commentators have the luxury of being able to pretend that this isn't another example of the big war going on by World Jewry against the gentiles.  The victims of the war know exactly what it is all about.  This is the first skirmish in recent years where quick thinking caused a Jewish loss.

Atzmon:  "Getting Off The Tree"  Actually, I think the invitation to Bibi to personally lobby Congress was a trick, and a trap.  Barry can get away with this because the Jewish billionaires don't like Bibi either.
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