Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More lithium, please

"A hundred years of bombing the Arabs"

There's a Pentagon connection to the cover-up as Ramsey was (is?) a valuable Pentagon contractor:  "John Ramsey trying to block release of secret indictment that says Jon Benet Ramsey was abused by both of her parents."

The status of Bandar Bush's mental health:  "bandar’s war against the world expands a bit more" (to get at a WSJ article).  More lithium, please.  Note how much harm can be caused by one madman in the wrong place.

We're getting very close to a public statement that the interests of World Jewry are the opposite of the interests of the United States.  "Democrats, AIPAC Jeopardize Iran Talks"  "Obama Admin Wins Over Key Hawk on Iran Nuclear Talks"  Note that this clarity would have been impossible even six months ago except from the vilest 'anti-Semites'.

Iceland not entirely safe:  "Statement from Reykjavik Metropolitan Police regarding Silk Road"

Not Icelandic at all:  "The Story of The Rich Serbian Bachelor Meme Is Weirder Than It Seems [UPDATE]"
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