Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More on the revolution

Based I guess on the theory that the only thing wrong with the United States is that the 99% have too much of the pie and baloney:  "“Riots always begin typically the same way”: Food stamp shutdown looms Friday".  It is true that food insecurity is one of the few direct routes to revolution (see what has been going on in places like Syria and Egypt).  Comment by AnonKopimi:
"Pictures of National Guardsmen shooting down rank upon rank of poor people in a food riot will only galvanize the Revolution to the point of no return."
The teapartying of food stamps is particularly odd when you consider that the demeaning concept of food stamps was developed for the purpose of enriching that part of the 1% that owns agribusiness stock (not to mention the retailers and fast food franchises that are able to grossly underpay their workers knowing that the some of the balance will be made up with food stamps).

The 1% seems to have concluded that Total Information Awareness is the only thing standing between their stacks of money and the glorious revolution, but Barry's unwavering devotion to the cause is weird:  "White House: Feinstein Not Accurate".  The Europeans are really angry about this, but the Democrats can't even avoid mangling the spin?  That's pure devotion to the NSA.  I've always thought it odd that Barry took immediate and full political ownership of the NSA scandal, instead of blaming it all on Bush and dong nothing by conducting endless 'studies' leading nowhere.

"Real Lives Pt. 4"  The real problem with Obamacare, as awful as it is, is that it frees at least some people to make big economic decisions in their lives that aren't entirely dependent on access to health care.  People in very poor countries have a basic freedom that Americans don't have.
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