Monday, October 28, 2013

Special Arabic

Chris Hedges:  "Let’s Get This Class War Started" and "Our Invisible Revolution"

"Million Mask March World Event"

"Theses on austerity and how to fight it"

"The maths that saw the US shutdown coming"

"American Hegemony is Over" by Israel Shamir

"Special Arabic"

"‘Apolitical’ arts organization combatting BDS is front for pro-settler group tied to Israeli Foreign Ministry"  All of the pro-Zionism efforts turn out to be part of some organized conspiracy, either by the Israeli government or World Jewry.

"Samantha Power breaks down after visiting Rwandan genocide memorial"  Psychopaths have no empathy, but they can feel sorry for themselves, so they mimic empathy by reveling in their own emotions.  It is a simulacrum of empathy, just as kitsch is a simulacrum of art.
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