Saturday, October 05, 2013


"The Return of the 19th Century"

"How AIPAC Lost on Iran"  No.  AIPAC lost on Syria because the Jewish billionaires who run things weren't certain that this particular slaughter of Syrians would be Good For The Jews, and in particular weren't certain that the arm twisting might not be better saved for another issue, like Iran.  AIPAC hasn't lost on Iran as the push on Iran hasn't started yet.  The idea that these decisions rest on the will of the American people is ludicrous.

"Alleged Silk Road kingpin denies drug charges"  Public defender? 

"That was fast: 2 sites vie for Silk Road’s criminal customers":
"Some users are wary of Sheep Marketplace for two reasons. First is that fact that Sheep Marketplace has not been around for very long, meaning it could be a honeypot set up by federal agents."
"Feds cagey on early Anwar Al-Awlaki ties" Strange to see reporting on the standard procedure of the American government in creating Muslim patsies.  Note how many of these government agent recruiters end up relabeled as 'terrorists' and assassinated.  Dead men tell no tales.

"Feds raid Houston homes over purchase of chemical used in gas creation"  Note that the government has a database that can cross reference website visits and purchases of chemicals.
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