Friday, October 25, 2013

The Boston Marathon bombing patsy problem

Skirting the Boston Marathon bombing patsy problem.

"New York Post's Boston 'Bag Men' Front Page Called 'A New Low,' 'Appalling' (PHOTO)"  "'Bag Men' Sue New York Post Over Boston Marathon Bombing Cover" "‘Bag men’ sue New York Post over Boston Marathon bombing portrayal".  How is it that the New York Post coincidentally picked a picture of two young Muslim males carrying packs?  Did the authorities know a priori that the perps has to be two young Muslim males carrying packs, but due to a clerical error picked the wrong picture of two young Muslim males carrying packs to send to the Post?  The images are described by the Post as "photos being distributed by law-enforcement officials among themselves".  I have to wonder whether these two completely innocent guys were the backup patsies, to be blamed in case something went wrong with the case against the first set of innocent patsies.

"Revelation of link between Boston bomber, triple murder upsets friends"  This is based entirely on what the FBI claims was said by an interview subject who unfortunately can't be further questioned as he was murdered by the FBI.

"After Deportation, Tatiana Gruzdeva Looks to Move On" ('deferred action'):
". . . Gruzdeva told me repeatedly that the only reason ICE officials gave her for her arrest and deportation was that she had spoken to Boston magazine."
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