Thursday, November 07, 2013

Approaching the fiftieth anniversary

"5 decades later, some JFK assassination files still sealed; researchers demand ‘transparency’"

"Larry Hancock:  Someone talked and I wrote about it."  State of the art on a 50-year-old thing.

"Who Attacked Ghouta?:  The Conclusion"

Canada corner:
  1. "Harper's Seven-Year War on Science"
  2. "A modest proposal to avert the decline of Canada's universities" (this site is ridiculously laden with scripts)
  3. "Pre-Election Letter To Montreal Haredim Warns That A Woman's Place Is In The Home – Not On Montreal's City Council" - "Are we already so close to the goy, that all concepts that the lowly goy has determined to be part of his worldview, we have to make peace with and accept?"  And mazel tov to Mindy Pollack.
  4. "The Assassination of Canada by the Coward Rob Ford"  I just like the title, which appears to come from this tweet.  Let he who is without sin cast the first . . . um . . . rock.
"Modern Violence, Resistance and the Calculus of Revolution"  How much violence will be required to do what must be done?

"Two rightwing supporters of Israel make huge grant to int’l LGBT campaign"  Gaywashing is a big part of the future of hasbara.

"14 people who caused PayPal to crash in 2010 may get plea deal"  The only people who should go to jail are the PayPal executives who created an 'attractive nuisance' by failing to secure their operations.

"dugin on “the jews”"  Niqnaq compendium of writings on the Jewish Problem probably unavailable elsewhere.
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