Monday, November 25, 2013

Assorted news

Moral clarity news:  "Senator Chuck Schumer promises more Iran sanctions, vows to ‘defeat’ Arab world and Palestinians"  Remember he is pandering to his audience.

False flag news:
  1. "A Moment of Great Danger"  I'm afraid an attack from World Jewry on Americans is almost certain.
  2. "Be on the look out for a coming false flag involving Iran."
  3. "Iran nuclear deal: Israeli minister warns accord could end in suitcase bomb"  The set-up.
  4. "Blitzer's awkward transition raises eyebrows"  Even a threat against Barry himself from Mr AIPAC.

JFK news:
  1. "Dallas 50th news"
  2. "Ex-flame says Jack Ruby ‘had no choice’ but to kill Oswald" (via Covert History)
"Saudi Arabia welcomes Iran nuclear agreement" The wording contains an unnecessary attack at Israel, which may be an encouraging sign that the Saudi royals are getting over their Bandar Bush manic attack.

'Don't be evil' news:  "FDA Orders Mrs. Google to Stop Selling Dangerous DNA Tests"

"The Gatekeeper"  Note the oddness of the redactions.  Some of the things it would be not be good for us to know:
  1. some NSA names for operations
  2. names of select cities around the world
  3. targets of spying
  4. a url
  5. a big black box of something awful that was thwarted by the Men In Black.

"How Did Dread Pirate Roberts Acquire and Protect His Bitcoin Wealth?"  Note the strong hint that the real Silk Road proprietor is the extremely rich Bitcoin founder, 'Satoshi Nakamoto' (who of course could be an institution rather than a human being).  Dread Pirate Roberts is probably no more than a financial clerk.  Also, it appears that the FBI has only accounted for part of the profits.  The FBI would have been wiser not to gloat so much in providing so many details.

"12 Things Benjamin Netanyahu Considers 'Historic Mistakes'"

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