Saturday, November 16, 2013


The when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife story of the week, yet another example of Jewish beneficence:  "Israel agrees to return stolen organs of dead Palestinians"

"Senators and Kerry battle over who’s on the phone to Israel"  The usual heavy-handed Weiss censorship of the comments seems to have been temporarily lifted.

"Republicans re-think hawkish foreign policy"  No worries, as the neocon warmongering has returned to its roots in the Democrats.

Funny headline:  "Australian Jews brace for fight against repeal of hate laws"

"Libya almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable"

'Langley' continues to complain bitterly about the inevitable results of the attack for which he was a major cheerleader:  "34 Dead, 300 Wounded in Tripoli attack by militia on peaceful Protesters"  I especially like how he keeps suggesting that the problem could be fixed with more American colonialism.

"The secret environmental cost of US ethanol policy"  Even more huge problems caused by corn ethanol, still the stupidest fucking idea that anybody has ever turned into a major US government policy.

"Is it right to waste helium on party balloons?"
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