Thursday, November 28, 2013

'I was defending the honour of the supermodels'

"Joe Lieberman, lobbyist"

The client:  Basit Igtet.  Note the ties to Qatar.

"Libya: Basit Igtet Sets Out Plan to Restore Libya"

Igtet's organization to support the anti-Gaddafi tribes is the Independent Libya Foundation.  His original partner in this was Adam Hock, who had to leave as he beat up a Prince of Monaco (no, really, Grace Kelly's grandson):
  1. "A Very Exclusive Brawl"
  2. "'I was defending the honour of the supermodels,' says club owner accused of beating up Monaco prince" (this is one of the greatest headlines of all time)
  3. "Club owner who punched Monaco prince in bar fight pleads to disorderly conduct"
Who replaced Hock as President of the US-Libya Chamber of Commerce?  Sara Bronfman!:
"Sara Bronfman, President elect stated, “As I am able to devote my efforts to the development of the Chamber to support bilateral trade between Libya and the United States, it is a privilege to take on this significant role as the President of the US-Libya Chamber of Commerce.”
The US-Libya Chamber of Commerce was formed in 2010 to support both the Libyan people post revolution. The development of American-Libyan private industry and creation of a strong civil society through enterprise are top priorities for the Chamber.
Ms. Bronfman further commented by stating that the US-Libya Chamber of Commerce will be working directly with the Independent Libya Foundation, of which she is also a board member."
The buried lede and the real Lieberman interest: "Bronfman heir launches Canada-Libya trade initiative" (my emphasis in red):
"An heiress to the Bronfman fortune and her Libyan fiancé have launched a trade initiative between Canada and Libya, saying they want to break the legacy of corrupt deals under Colonel Moammar Gadhafi.

Sara Bronfman, 35, daughter of the billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., met a former civilian pilot named Basit Igtet, 41, over lunch during the height of the Libyan revolution last summer while he served as a diplomatic envoy for the Libyan rebels, helping them gain official recognition from foreign governments. Ms. Bronfman became passionately involved in the country's troubles, even visiting the eastern city of Benghazi for what she calls “a few very intense days” in November.

On Monday, they announced the creation of the Canada-Libya Chamber of Commerce, with Ms. Bronfman as president and Mr. Igtet as chairman. Their group doesn't yet have a office in Canada or a functional website, but Ms. Bronfman says they have already decided to avoid dealing with SNC-Lavalin or other companies that are alleged to have had close ties with the Gadhafi family.

“Those companies that worked with Gadhafi and helped his cohort to get wealthy did so at the expense of the Libyan people, and I think they have a huge debt to pay to the Libyan people,” Ms. Bronfman said in an exclusive interview with The Globe and Mail this week. “They won't be invited. We're very firm on that.”"
As much of a disaster that Libya is today, it is going to get worse.
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