Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let the negotiations begin!

Yesterday was one of those rare good days.  Iran, the United States, and the world cheering for peace, and one nasty group united against peace on the other side.  Moral clarity.  It has never been more obvious where the wars come from.

Of course, the real negotiations are between the elected government of the United States and the real government of the United States, the Zionist Occupation Government, consisting of the Lobby, 99% of the media (I suppose you've noticed how the Jew-controlled media was trying to spin the agreement away by repeatedly insisting that the sides were too far away to possibly make a deal), and the Entertainment Industrial Complex (the last of which, of course, is also behind the ridiculously overreaching secret deals on intellectual property and criminalization of the use of the internet, as if you need anything else to be furious about).

The job of a successful American Administration is to frame these second negotiations, the real negotiations, in such a way that real American interests, and not solely the interests of a truly insane group of violent group supremacists who would not hesitate to blow up the entire world to steal another square millimeter of land, prevail.  The deal provides almost no benefit to Iran except to put the world's real warmongers in the spotlight if the next six months don't produce a lasting agreement due to ZOG blocking.  That blocking would provide the anger in the rest of the world which would result in the complete collapse of the non-American sanctions, irreversibly ruining American prestige and with it the idea that the United States is a functioning superpower (not to mention finally anointing China as the world's real superpower).

ZOG is now in an impossible position.  If it blocks the agreement, which it certainly can, there is fury and sanctions busting everywhere, and Iran simply carries on doing business with the rest of the world as if the United States is irrelevant, and the United States takes a big step towards becoming irrelevant.  The entire world, and the American people, despite massive propaganda from the Jew-controlled media, will then see who is solely to blame.  The suddenly rickety American relationship with Israel, without which there is no Jewish state in the Middle East, suddenly becomes rickety-er.

On the other hand, if ZOG allows an agreement to normalize relations with Iran, the Israeli military dictatorship loses the artificial mortal enemy that it needs in order to explain to its citizens why they have to live in such an insane way, and also probably loses much of the force behind the Sunni-Shi'ite schism that it has manipulated for decades.

Barry may yet earn that Nobel Peace Prize.  He has effectively wagered the international reputation and prestige of the United States as the only play he has to attempt to neutralize the power of ZOG and the never-ending warmongering of the Jewish people.

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