Saturday, November 09, 2013

Loveless, but not lawless

"Ambling Towards Oblivion:  Russell Brand, the Posh Left and the Politics of Class"  by Kim Nicolini.  The 'Posh Left' is more of an enemy of the people than the 1% itself.  And what about the almost ubiquitous warmongering of the 'Posh Left'?  One is left with the issue of whether the left has been intentionally ruined by a particular warmongering group which has traditionally made up a disproportionate part of 'progressive' politics.

"6 Things You Buy That Help Support Israeli Brutality"

"Contracting Case Implicates 2 Admirals"  These are both extremely high level military intelligence officials (which makes me wonder if there is more going on here).  "Correction: November 8, 2013:  A previous version of this article misstated on second reference the last name of one of the admirals involved in the naval investigation. He is Bruce Loveless, not Bruce Lawless."

"Israel's History of Assassinating Palestinian Leaders"  "Yes… Arafat was poisoned and Israel killed him, but what can we do?"  "Road map for a decease plan" Israel had motive and opportunity, was one of a tiny group with access to the peculiar murder weapon (and the only one with motive to kill Arafat, and the only one with both access to the murder weapon and access to the people around Arafat), and had a stated intent to assassinate him and a documented history of many, many attempts to do so. Yet we are still being asked to entertain the possibility that somebody other than Israel was behind this!

"How China Can Cause The Death Of The Dollar And The Entire U.S. Financial System" The American shift on the Middle East is just a tragically belated realization of the perils of allowing your foreign affairs to be run solely for the group supremacist interests of World Jewry.  There is a lot of the usual bullshit, but the Kerry interview is striking in its unprecedented clarity.

"Scientists Warn of Extreme Risk: Greatest Short-term Threat to Humanity is From Fukushima Fuel Pools"  It is long past time for the world to take serious measures against Japan in order to force it to remove the corrupt and incompetent Tepco and allow international experts to take over.  Start by withdrawing the Olympics.  We're headed for a mega-disaster caused entirely by lack of attention to the magnitude of the problem.
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