Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sop to ZOG

"A pro-Israel hawk to draft Kerry’s peace plan?"  This is comical - I guess Pipes and Foxman where too busy to join the American team - but irrelevant.  Bibi doesn't want a deal, and therefore there won't be one, so the absurd bias of the Americans doesn't matter.  The Iran negotiations are causing significant strains requiring a sop to ZOG, and Makovsky is the sop.

"Bowing Before the Inquisitors on Syria"  I'm glad to see Jonathan Cook calling out Pulse for its appalling and unforgivable warmongering.  The sin of Mother Agnes is definitively proving that the Syrian chemical attack was a false flag attack, and in a world were the 'left' worships nothing but war, and false flags are the only means to war, disrupting a false flag is the ultimate sin.  Unfortunately, this kind of debacle just proves the irrelevance of the 'left'.  There won't be a western attack on Syria if there is progress to peace with Iran.

When I see Middle East warmongering, I ask myself which combination of motives is involved:
  1. is it hidden Islamic sectarianism;
  2. is it Zionism;
  3. or is it just the application of bribe money from the Jews or the Saudis?
American government enabling of terrorists and gangsters: "Schneier tells Washington NSA broke Internet’s security for everyone":
"At a presentation in a conference room inside the US Capitol on Friday, Schneier—who has been helping The Guardian review the trove of documents provided by Snowden—said that in its haste to "weaponize" the Internet, the NSA has broken its mechanisms of security. And those breaks—including the backdoors that the NSA convinced or coerced software developers to put into the implementations of their encryption and other security products, are so severe that it is now just a matter of time before others with less-noble causes than fighting terrorism will be able to exploit the holes the NSA has created."
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