Saturday, November 30, 2013

The attack on the Iranian embassy in Lebanon

I've been pondering Bandar Bush's hiring of 'al Qaeda' to attack the Iranian embassy in Lebanon (see here, here, and, just for the picture, here).  Isn't this the single most insane thing you've ever heard of?  It accomplished absolutely nothing, and created a burning need in both Iran and Hezbollah to make a retaliatory statement to ensure this doesn't happen again.  That statement won't occur until the six months of Iranian nuclear negotiations conclude.  After that, wow!  Despite spending hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars on (mostly) American arms, the Saudis are literally defenseless (and whatever anybody might say about a break with the Americans, the Saudis know they have no other plausible protector other than the Americans).  Hezbollah could easily send operatives to the ritziest brothels and gambling houses in the south of France, pick a random dozen of Saudi royals, and simultaneously cut their heads off.  Does the Saudi royal family even know how much danger it is in putting its foreign policy in the hands of a madman like Bandar Bush?

Also note how much things have changed in the past dozen years.  Remember all the propaganda from the Jew-controlled media about the dangers of Wahhabism, the fact that it was Saudis who committed the attack on September 11 (we know that false identities were used and there is no way to know the real identity of the hijackers, but all the blame pointed to the Saudis), and the fact that the attack was allegedly financed and led by a man with close family and financial ties to the Saudi royals.  Blaming the Saudis for terrorism was the big story for years.  Since the founding of the new state of Saudi Israelia, a Saudi prince can hire 'al Qaeda' to commit a huge international terrorist act, and the Jew-controlled media has nothing to say.
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