Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Dead

"Monday Morning Skeptic: In Boston Bombing, FBI Fights for Public’s Right to Know… Nothing"

Isn't it about time for a release of the cause of death of Barnaby Jack, who was found dead on July 25?  From August:  "Silence On Hacker Barnaby Jack's Death Continues As Authorities, Friends Stonewall Press"

"Social networking pioneer who took on Facebook commits suicide at age 22"

Interview with the brother of Michael Hastings:
"One of his big complaints — which he was pretty vocal about — was that he knew a number of people in the media who he believed had been publicly pro-Iraq War, even though they were privately skeptical or even anti-war but who had, according to Mike, gone along with the pro-war sentiment for the sake of their careers. That became a big sticking point with him later on. I think it was really an influential experience for him — an important negative example — in terms of how he decided to approach the role of a journalist."
The brother ascribes the accident to a manic episode and excessive speed, except it appears Hastings wasn't driving all that fast.
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