Monday, November 11, 2013

The little frog

"Hollande Booed At WWI Ceremony"  The slideshow, "Francois Hollande Is Short", is pictures of the little frog standing beside normal-sized human beings (I have to admit his lifts do get him to the level of the Queen).  "French President Francois Hollande booed during ceremony to mark end of WWI"

You'll be seeing a lot of spin, but the fact is that France, for long in charge of its own politics, is now fully under ZOG.  It isn't a Saudi arms deal bribe (makes no sense as France could make out much better with contracts with a newly opened Iran), it certainly isn't Iran's fault, and it isn't even the fault of the Americans ("US official leaves Israel without understanding on Iran" - I love how 'understanding' means agreeing 100% to the Jewish warmongering terms).

"French President Hollande to address Knesset next week"  He got a servility upgrade in his Jewslave ticket to shabbas goy, first class.

Look on the bright side.  There is going to be a deal with Iran as the Americans fear a complete loss of influence if there is no deal and the sanctions collapse when nobody honors them (this has already started to happen).  The world and the people of France now realize that they are ruled by Jewslaves, and that France is embarrassingly under the full tyranny of ZOG.  Everybody now knows that the Jews are unceasing warmongers (something, btw, that would have been natively understood by real progressives in the past).
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