Monday, November 18, 2013

The Saudi Rasputin

Cryptome has a pdf of the Ames/Levine article on Omidyar.

"Now who will protect Gulf potentates?"  It will be fun when the IDF is in charge of the security of Muslim holy places in Saudi Arabia.  Remember it was the presence of Americans on Saudi soil that most irritated the real Osama.

"Israel, Saudi Arabia Unite For Attack On Iran"  This is a blackmail attempt by the new nation of Saudi Israelia - sign a deal with Iran and we'll start WWIII.  Iran shouldn't have any problem taking out the Saudi royals (at least the few who haven't fled to some whorehouse in France), the Saudi oil pipelines, and the Saudi ports.  Iran and Hezbollah can render Israel completely undesirable as a home for anyone with an IQ over 100, leading to an inevitable collapse of the Israeli economy.  It is almost too bad this is just a bluff.  All the while, the world gets to see who the real warmongers are.

Bandar.  I suspect he 'disappears for days at a time' due to his severe mental health issues.  He's the Saudi Rasputin.

"The Federal Reserve Is Monetizing A Staggering Amount Of U.S. Government Debt"  The American government is printing money and gifting it to the 1% - it shows up in stock market index numbers - in anticipation of the dollar permanently losing its status as world reserve currency.  Once that status is lost, enriching the 1% like this will be impossible without causing hyperinflation.  It is a YOLO reserve bank policy, rational in an absurd way.  In terms of the big picture issues, history is not going to look kindly on Barry (although to be fair I'm sure he has no say in any of the big picture issues).
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