Friday, November 22, 2013


Even ultra-Zionist Uri Avnery is having trouble with the big Chomsky trick.  Again, the absolute clarity of who alone is behind the warmongering over Iran has been very helpful.  You really have to be hiding something, or want to appear to be really stupid, to miss it.

"A Creation Myth for the Sixties: Does Oliver Stone’s JFK Still Hold Up?"  I'm struck by how many younger intelligent people have given up on all conspiracies, even the most obvious and definitively proven, all on account of the conspiracy theories created to deceive regarding September 11 (controlled demolition, 'nano-thermite', etc, etc).  The conspiracy to destroy the believability of all conspiracies - which is to say, the conspiracy to destroy our ability to understand the machinations of the 1% - has been an overwhelming success.

"Lawful Access is Back: Controversial Bill Returns Under the Guise of Cyber-Bullying Legislation" (Geist)  "Online Spying is back - here’s what Canadians are saying"  It is impossible to overstate the crookedness of the Canadian government.

"These Sniveling ‘Lefties’:  What A Sorry State Of Affairs" by William Bowles.  "Open Letter to the Stop the War Coalition" They tried to stop an anti-war conference over the invitation of a woman who actually stopped a war.  Seriously.

The Saudis use their stooges to attack the Iranian embassy in Lebanon, then urge their citizens to leave Lebanon as it is too dangerous.  In the odd new world order, a 'Western intelligence agency' (i.e., the Americans) unsuccessfully tried to warn Hezbollah of the attack.

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