Thursday, November 14, 2013

What are the odds?

So the French guys in charge of their Iran negotiations file happen to be Meyer Habib, an outspoken Zionist Jew and close pal of Bibi (with his blood-pouring-from-the-fangs opposition to any kind of peace), and Laurent Fabius, a crypto-Jew passing as a Catholic (in another amazing coincidence much like his American counterpart).  Bibi's call to Holland was just notice to unleash the already planned conspiracy (France was the fall back Plan B, as Bibi had assumed that he could bend the will of the Americans but underestimated the importance the Americans now place on a deal with Iran).  The obviousness of the conflict of interest in the parties involved would be comical if it wasn't so potentially tragic.  Bibi has now bought time to apply AIPAC to Congress and unsettle the scaredy-cat Barry, who was trying to sneak in a fait accompli peace deal (the Jews were a bit flat-footed after not being able to apply themselves consistently on the civilian slaughter plan for Syria).

"MI6 spy Gareth Williams death 'probably an accident', police say" You'll remember that despite the spectacularly misleading headline, none of the experts testifying under oath were able to figure out how to replicate Williams' supposed feat.  We know a lot more now about the scofflaw nature of the security and spying apparatus than we did when we first heard about the death.

"Israel’s gains from the death of Arafat cannot be ignored"  Lo and behold, the replacement has turned out to be very good for the Jews.

"The second operating system hiding in every mobile phone"  "Yesterday on, Malware"  Why internet porn is still legal:  "Porn-Surfing Execs Infecting Corporate Networks With Malware"

There is some talk about the immorality and breaches of professional standards and oaths involved when doctors and lawyers are involved in the 'war on terror'.  As we've seen from Google, most mathematicians have no oaths, morality or professional standards:  "Severing Ties with the NSA"

"Another Word for “Holocaust”"

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