Tuesday, December 17, 2013


"Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup" by Paul Sperry (Sperry is your basic anti-Muslim nutjob).  The pressure will continue until the whining stops and the Saudis get with the program of peace with Iran. 

I should note there is still considerable schizophrenia within the American government - the same old conflict of Zionist neocons versus paleocons - which explains how the Americans seem to be simultaneously hoping for Assad to beat the Islamist radicals while tacitly supporting Bandar's arming of said radicals, but the paleocons are clearly in the ascendancy.  I expect to see a picture of another cozy Assad/Kerry (and spouses) dinner within the next year.  I imagine the first handshake will be a bit awkward, but it is all just a game, isn't it?  No hard feelings?

"Bedouin relocation plan moves ahead despite freeze order"  As soon as I heard about the 'cancellation' of this particular bit of ethnic cleansing, I knew it was a lie.  There is a very complicated PR drama in the announcement and phony cancellation of various acts of Jewish genocide, but the bottom line is that the stealing and murdering never stops.

"President Obama's NSA review group is typical administration whitewash"  Despite the Greenwald drip, or actually because of it, there will be no substantive chance to the NSA's operations.  "State of Deception:  Why won’t the President rein in the intelligence community?"

"Ronni Chasen Questions"  "Ronni Chasen's Autopsy Finally Released After Legal Battle"  The police lying and obstruction here is almost comical.

"2013 Was a Big Year for Naming Your Baby ‘Cheese’"
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