Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Elliot Higgins and Matthew Van Dyke

"Elliot Higgins, Matthew Van Dyke, Syrian Supprt Group, Seymour Hersh"  These emails are so ridiculously incriminating ("don't rule out the possibility that the rebels do have a small quantity of chemical weapons"/"I'll keep it off the record"/"The rebels would likely fire on their own people knowing that their deaths would be worth it if it led to US intervention") for both Higgins and Van Dyke that I have to wonder if this is legitimate.  Note that their 'mutual benefactor' is 'Nathan' 'in 'Virginia, near DC'.  Is this a coded reference to the CIA, a method of establishing that they are on the same team?  Note also the work Van Dyke does to promote Higgins, and the fact that Higgins has a job prospect with a 'counter-terrorism company'!

Van Dyke has exactly the same biography that an undercover American operative would have, and his actions make no sense other than as an employee of either the American government or a contractor working for the American government.
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