Monday, December 16, 2013

"I was absolutely shocked by what I read"

"Congressmen Call For Declassification Of 9/11 Files Discussing Hijacker Links To Saudi Government"

"Will Shifting Loyalties in the Middle East (and Fracking) Bring Truth about 9/11?"

"The Logic of 9/11"

I'd like to hope at this late point that we all know that:
  1. the hijackers were using stolen identities;
  2. the 'laxness' of American visa issuing in Saudi Arabia was part of the plot to frame the Saudis; 
  3. the two hijackers who were working for the FBI went out of their way to develop Saudi ties while in the United States; and
  4. the Saudis could not possibly have been behind September 11 unless they controlled NORAD and were capable of removing the normal automatic protections from the targets (which is of course to say the obvious, that the ultimate conspirators had to be at a very high level of the US government).

There is a deplorable lack of understanding about how modern conspiracies work. At least since the JFK assassination, all big American conspiracies have been constructed with multiple patsies built in. This is to provide the conspirators options on who to blame (including possible future blackmail and control), and a protection for the conspiracy (the JFK assassination cover-up was encouraged by the threat of blaming the assassination on the patsy of the Soviet Union, setting up WWIII).

There is this bizarre idea in the United States that the Saudi princes set their oil production levels to accommodate American economic concerns because somehow the Saudi princes like Americans.  In particular, Bandar Bush is thought to be overflowing with sheer beneficence towards Americans.  This is bullshit.  Obviously.  The Saudis need American military protection which nobody else can provide, and these September 11 documents constitute blackmail that has been held in storage for a rainy day.  Now that Bandar has clearly lost his mind and is doing everything he can to upset the desired and necessary Iranian-American peace, it is raining hard, so we are seeing a threat to the Saudi royals.  This is just part of the program to push the suddenly rogue Saudis into line.
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