Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jesus isn't Polish

The concentration camp guard unwisely tries to make hay out of the ethnicity of a guy he hates:  "I'm Dreaming of a White Jesus":
"The genetic truth, as best we know, is more complicated and interesting than Aslan suggests. Jesus might have looked like a Palestinian; he might also have looked like a Bedouin, or a Druze or a mizrachi Israeli, those Israelis descended from the Jewish communities of the greater Middle East. He might have even had the physical characteristics of Ashkenazi Jews, descendants of the Jews who found their way to Europe from the land of Israel. The reason Jesus could have looked like a member of any of these groups is simple: Today, they all share an enormous number of overlapping genetic characteristics."
The sentence in red is an absolute lie, and we know it due to modern genetics which has ironically come to the fore due to the necessity in Israel of treating the genetic diseases of the European white Khazars, diseases caused by centuries of inbreeding  If Jewish doctors treated their Ashkenazi patients based on Zionist politicized science, i.e., as if they actually had some kind of connection to the land they've stolen, the patients would all be dead! 

The comment by bob_adams is completely correct (and I like the part in red):
"Contrary to Goldberg, and his infinitely repeated lie, the Palestinian people have been living in Palestine since the time of the Canaanites. Obviously Jesus was of Semitic stock and looked similar to the Palestinians or Sephardic or Mizrahi Jews of today. He certainly did not look like the Ashkenazim Jews of Eastern Europe. They are white and the very reason the Palestinians call them for what they are, a foreign implant. The Ashkenazim are descendants of people who converted to Judaism around the 10th Century. They were of Turkic stock and lived in the Khazarian Empire of south, central Asia. These converts to Judaism fled west to eastern Europe during the times of the Mongol invasions. They intermingled with the Slavic (white) peoples of Eastern Europe. As far as religion Jesus was "Jewish" only in the sense he was part of an older Judaic tradition. His Judaism was not the Judaism of today. Today's Judaism is a direct descendant of Pharisaic thought and practice with a large dose of Babylonian Talmudism thrown in for good measure (or bad depending on your point of view). Anyone with any knowledge of the New Testament knows how Jesus felt about the Pharisees. Jesus, if he was anything, was on the side of the oppressed, the poor and the downtrodden. If he was alive today he would certainly stand against the racist and apartheid rule imposed on the Palestinian people by the government of Israel. In that sense he was/is a Palestinian."

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