Sunday, December 01, 2013


"Pretending a Name Is Still Secret–in the Name of the Cult of Secrecy"

"CIA Officer Craig Peters Osth" (also from the same source some internationally wanted fugitives from the 'Milan job', Peter Chung-Sik Baek and Thomas James Sullivan; you'll remember that Robert Seldon Lady - who you are supposed to feel sorry for - escaped only by the skin of his teeth and some CIA bribes paid to officials in Panama)


"Information Monopoly Defines the Deep State"  Update of Max Weber's monopoly-of-force definition of 'state'.

This obsession of the !% and its minions in collecting secrets has a very fin-de-siècle air about it.  They have a lot more wealth tied up in secrecy than the 99% do, and a lot of people working for the 1% know these secrets and could reveal them.  We're seeing more and more wealth tied up in secrets as the truth would be too embarrassing or too revealing of illegality and general sociopathic behavior. 

Any country that is a victim of the United States could start revealing the names of CIA station chiefs and other employees.  There is a kind of 'gentleman's agreement' not to do this, but the Americans are behaving so abominably that nobody considers them to be gentlemen.
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