Sunday, December 15, 2013

Robert Levinson

I have only one question:  why would the CIA send a Jew?  It really is relevant, because the Iranians would be able to quickly find out.  In fact, it may be what raised the red flags that got him caught.  Is there some kind of affirmative action program in the CIA to make sure the Jews get their quota of exciting field work?  Or are there so many foreign Jewish 'businessmen' wandering around 'anti-Semitic' Iran that another one would blend right in?  Or is there a particular pressure on the CIA to allow Jews to do their patriotic duty (to Israel, naturally) and fight the good fight to ruin Iran?  In the real world of victims of Zionism everybody knows that American Jews bear huge responsibility for the stealing and murder by the Zionist state - a state which constantly threatens Iran with mayhem and nuclear annihilation - so sending one on a mission to harm Iran seems more than a little dumb.

"ABC, NYT Repeatedly Lied About CIA Operative Robert Levinson"  "NYT: "Don't Trust Our Editorials""  We know that 'journalists' lie, constantly and vigorously - it is what they do - but I'm not sure that sticking to the Official Story to keep a government operative alive is the most damning example.

Note the bungling hasbara-ite attempt to ruin the comments section on Moon of Alabama.  Also note the massive disconnect between what everybody knows, and what it is permitted to say.  Again, of course the Jews have set the world up this way - using decades of mass propaganda in the media and the school system - so that honest discussion of what is happening is, by definition, bigotry.  Of course.  Otherwise, the mass theft and destruction committed by the Zionists with the enthusiastic, if carefully quiet, participation of almost everybody who still self-identifies as Jewish - with all the moral and decent people simply giving up and no longer self-identifying as Jews, explaining why the Jews are suddenly, after millennia, having assimilation problems - would never have been allowed to happen.

"CIA Spy Robert Levinson Documents"

"AP Reporter: Keeping The Levinson Story A Secret Was The “Hardest Thing I’ve Done”" 

"Missing American in Iran was on unapproved mission" "White House criticizes AP over CIA story"  Note that we are hearing all these wild details now as part of the Jewish attempt to derail the Iranian negotiations.  The new sanctions are merely a feint by the Obama Administration to allow Congress some room to hold off AIPAC.

"Last man to see Robert Levinson before he vanished denies involvement in disappearance" Are you smelling what I am smelling?  The stench of Iran-Contra.  The Americans in the middle of a semiofficial intrigue involving parts of the Iranian government and wheeler-dealer Jews working for Zionist interests.

As a palate cleanser, let's just see what American Jewish leaders are working on:
  1.  "The Anti-Semitic Stench of Pink Floyd"
  2. "War Pimp Alert:  Norman Podhoretz: Strike Iran Now to Avert Disaster Later"
  3. "Israel’s real fear is BDS and ‘delegitimization,’ says Goldberg"  This is a real clusterfuck of dissimulation with Weiss assisting Goldberg's lies while pretending to hold them up for inspection.
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