Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Canadian slides

One of the things the new owners of the secrets about the harvesting of our privacy tell us is that mass document dumps are impossible because of the necessity of protecting the safety of the snoops, but the actual redaction process seems to be completely arbitrary:  "The Oddities of CBC’s Snowden Redactions". 

I also must say I am somewhat stumped about the logic, if not the irony, of protecting the privacy of snoops operating utterly illegally, as they all are.  It seems to be if you are rotten enough to engage in this kind of work you have to accept the risk of public exposure.

A close reading of what the Canadian slides reveal about the thinking of the snoops:  "Interpreting the CSEC Presentation: Watch Out Olympians in the House!"  Note also the selective censorship helpfully provided to us by the media.

There is no possible argument that this secret stealing had anything to do with security.  It was entirely industrial espionage, intended to turn over Brazilian secrets to the Canadian resource industry to give it a leg up in exploiting Brazilian natural resources..
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