Saturday, December 07, 2013

The conspiracies to discredit

"Wikileaks, Stratfor, Srdja Popovic, and Occupy Wall Street" and the links therein

The 'intelligence' that we've seen Stratfor selling is remarkably bad, so you have to wonder if it is really up to other things, such as the infiltration and discrediting of activist organizations.

If you wanted to make some money you might, for example, set up an anti-Russian activist organization in the Ukraine and wait for the American government money to come rolling in.  All the color revolutions are American run, so a guy who organizes such revolutions is automatically suspect.

I am sympathetic to the idea that we shouldn't allow ourselves to be twisted into turning on real activists through the trickery of the agents of the 1%, but given the sorry state of today's 'progressive' politics, extreme skepticism is always warranted.

Dealing with a group like Stratfor under any circumstances is either remarkably stupid or prima facie evidence of wrongdoing.

By the way, Occupy has a list of real accomplishments (and there is consequent probable infiltration), but have the Yes Men done anything other than be a sort of hipster comedy group?
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