Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Work backwards

"Theses on Zionism" by Joseph Massad:
"Zionism bases itself on three claims: (1) that the ancient Hebrews possessed ancient Palestine and nobody else lived there; (2) that modern descendants of European converts to Judaism are the direct descendants of the Hebrews; and (3) that, based on these two claims, modern European Jews have the right to take Palestine from the Palestinians.
While the first two claims lack any historical validity as attested to by mounds of historical evidence, even were we to assume that they were valid, they do not lead to the acceptance of the third proposition."
I've been fretting about the plight of those who have the bitter task of explaining the refusal of the New Yorker and the Washington Post to publish Hersh's latest revelations with the extra degree of difficulty of doing so without using the term 'Jew-controlled media'.  Can't be done, but they have to try anyway.

We start with a political situation and we work backwards (very Kantian).  For example, what restrictions on truth speaking would be required to enable the Jews to steal an empire across the Middle East?  Well, for one, all of what is called 'anti-Semitic' speech must be forbidden.  Otherwise, we could all speak the truth and their empire would be finished.

What else is important?  The sanctity of the false flag, as a necessity in starting all the myriad Wars For The Jews (btw, 'Wars For The Jews' particularly rankles).  Thus, despite the fact the false flag in Syria failed, they and their agents can't give up:  "Investigating chemical weapons in Syria".  b at Moon of Alabama does great analysis based on internet research.  Brown Moses?  Not so good.

We can apply the technique elsewhere.  Leaks of secrets terrify the 1%.  What do?  Set up a parallel secret-gathering operation to suck up all the secrets that might go to, say, Wikileaks (still doing outstanding and vital work:  "2nd Wikileaks release: US refusing to budge on TPP issues").  Fund it by a billionaire with a track record of grossly misusing the effective monopoly of PayPal to attempt to shut down Wikileaks.  Once the secrets are grabbed, Greenwald and Omidyar can decide which ones are safe for us to see, and which ones would damage the 1%.  I'm not just making up this fear.  Omidyar attempted to ruin Wikileaks.   

Of course the 1% will create an organization to save themselves from the dangers posed by unregulated leaking.  Of course they will.  The appearance of the organization is inevitable once we know what the 1% want to do, just as the ban on 'anti-Semitic' speech is inevitable once we realize that World Jewry is stealing an empire across the Middle East.
2nd Wikileaks release: US refusing to budge on TPP issues - See more at: http://www.bilaterals.org/?2nd-wikileaks-leak-us-refusing-to#sthash.rUezF8ud.dpuf").  Have it funded by a billionaire with a trak record of trying to shut down Wikileaks

Investigating chemical weapons in Syria"Of course the 1% is going to set up a secret gathering operation to protect themselves from leaks. Of course the 1% is going to set up an operation to protect themselves from leaks.
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