Sunday, January 19, 2014

A construct in the mind of a bunch of left wing academics

"Map in TDSB student day planner fails to cite Israeli capital, publisher blames official Canadian policy" (world's worst newspaper)

"Harper government’s strong Israel stance not matched by official Foreign Affairs policies: former Israeli ambassador says" (ditto)

"Harper vs. Foreign Affairs: PM's stance on Israel is all about votes"  No, we all know it is about Jewmoney.  Note the comment by Ludwig Bemelmans, which I am sure is supposed to be sarcasm but is the most accurate summation of mainstream diaspora Jewish views I have read.

"Canada, Israel bonded over mutual distrust of Iran"  The Star is also capable of the purest distillation of bullshit.  We should all wait to be appalled at what Harper says while in Palestine.

"U.S. presses UNESCO on cancellation of Jews in Israel exhibit"  But, "State Department declined to sponsor canceled Israel UNESCO exhibit".  The State Department got caught trying to be moral over this Khazar fantasy.

"Australia FM: Don’t call settlements illegal under international law"  Look at the picture of Liberman - I have never seen a more hungrily predatory look on a human being.  "Australia’s troubling stance on lsraeli settlements"

The coda:  "Lawyer Against Law: Dershowitz tells Israelis pay no attention to international law"
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