Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username"  Amazing story, and such carefully thought out social engineering.  I think we all know about PayPal and GoDaddy, but I am surprised Twitter could not have helped.

I have nothing against identity politics but I have to wonder why these days it always seems to pop up to block class politics:  Reddit thread on 4chan screencap.

"Awareness of Jewish Supremacy Spreads across All Peoples"

 Arresting Dieudonné - especially on the corrupt method of levying bogus fines against freedom of speech and then criminalizing the behavior by punishing failure to pay the fines, the debtor's prison model very familiar to the the 99% - will only make him more popular.

"Dieudonné has proved to be resilient to Jewish nationalist terror. All attempts to destroy him achieved the opposite, it only helped him to refine his humour and criticism of Jewish power. By now Dieudonné has managed to expose the lethal continuum between the Jewish Lobby, the so-called Palestinian solidarity movement and the French imaginary ‘Left’ establishment. Is it really a surprise that the ‘socialist’ government that just a few weeks ago shamelessly attempted to jeopardize the negotiation with Iran in a desperate attempt  to appease the Israeli government is now chasing a black comedian who refuses to subscribe to the primacy of Jewish suffering?"
Note how quickly the Angry Arab uses guilt by association to throw Dieudonné under the bus.  As we all know, the ultra right is completely infiltrated by the government, and the most likely scenario is that any meeting was part of a conspiracy to impugn Dieudonné.  'Have you ever associated with . . . ?' is pure Joe McCarthy.  I've lost all sympathy for Angry's current problem of being accused of being a 'CIA host'.  
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