Friday, January 24, 2014


"Cryptome, 21 January 2014: This is an FOI request to Snowden, Greenwald, Poitras, Gellman, NY Times, for full release of Snowden's de facto declassified USG documents. Send to: Cryptome, 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024. Cost of digital reproduction on USBs will be paid. Public key for encrypting : Fingerprint=5D02 335F 26A1 BD73 BFE3 F519 3755 7319 F9FC 4719"
"NSA Reputation Is Dirt"

"Days later, Obama’s spy speech has people scratching their heads"

"Ban Ki-moon is a man of principle and he answers to no one except his conscience"  Americans tell Ban to invite Iran, so he does.  After a Jew-eruption, the Americans tell Ban to uninvite Iran, so he does.  Now, the whole thing is Ban's fault for getting 'played' by those clever Iranians:  "How Iran Played the U.N. -- and Drove the U.S. Nuts"

"The Blind Alley of J Street and Liberal American Zionism"  Thus applies to all lite Zionism.

"Germans Still Tone-Deaf Over Holocaust, Continue Offending Jews Through Ignorance or Worse"  Because there is never a bad time to drop everything and obsess what some Poles may or may not have done in a small corner of the world for a few years almost 100 years ago.

"Rival Anne Frank Film, TV Projects Spark Furor"  Fight for future Oscars.

"Feds Ratchet Up Investigation of Sen. Robert Menendez".  "Ecuador Seizes Banking Firms"  "Who Are These 'Bankers' Ecuador Keeps Referencing?"  Wikileaks.  There is a Snowden connection as Snowden is seeking asylum in Ecuador (and of course Assange is holed up in the Ecuador embassy in London). 

"An guide to white-anting climate science" "White-ant"
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