Thursday, January 30, 2014

I forgot

I forgot this very good Weiss on Sodastream:  "Liberal Zionists support Scarlett Johansson– and settlements. Why?"

It happens that the stolen land Sodastream is using is land World Jewry intends to un-steal through legitimizing the stealing process in the current bogus 'negotiations' with Abbas. Thus, the Sodastream issue cuts directly to the deep fraud behind lite Zionism, a fraud generally called the 'two-state solution' (a term no doubt derived from the 'final solution').  Despite what the lite Zionists would like you to think, there are no Good Jews.

Luckily, the Israeli right will block this - note Netanyahu's musing about allowing settlers to live in the future Palestinian state was shot down for its implication that there would be a future Palestinian state.

I still think the first monument the Palestinians should erect in their new state, the one encompassing all of the traditional Palestinian lands, should be to the Unknown Settler whose insane intransigence made it all possible.
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