Monday, January 13, 2014

More on the 1971 Media, Pennsylvania burglary

"Craig Bromell: Former Toronto police union leader has inside story on FBI office burglary":
"His contacts made it clear that FBI head J. Edgar Hoover never wanted the Media case to be solved. “It would have been too damaging,” explains Bromell. “The magnitude of the files would have come out as evidence in a trial.”
A tough law and order guy himself, Bromell says he was shocked at the massive FBI surveillance. “It was right-wing, left-wing, Hollywood, politicians, law enforcement. They blanketed everyone. It was staggering,” he says. “There was no oversight, no better than a dictatorship.”
Some of his FBI sources expressed sympathy with the activists who burglarized the office, believing the government should not be spying on citizens, he says.
He believes the burglary was, in some way, an inside job. FBI agents had infiltrated peace activist groups. According to one theory, the undercover agents found out about the planned break-in. Not wanting to blow their cover, the agents went along – perhaps even participating in the burglary – but then lost control of the seized files, says Bromell.
Another theory is that the break-in was engineered by a rogue FBI agent disturbed by the agency’s tactics. “It makes sense but I can’t prove it,” says Bromell.
Some of his FBI sources even pointed to a possible Watergate link. They say that some of the damaging files from the Media office had ended up at Democratic National Committee headquarters and that’s what the Watergate burglars wanted, explains Bromell. “I believe there’s some type of connection.”"
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