Thursday, January 09, 2014


"500 Years of History Shows that Mass Spying Is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent"  The spying actually reduces public safety as it preoccupies those whose job it is to look after public safety.

"Pierre Omidyar's Business Model for First Look is Like a Second Life or Anti-Virus Guard Scam":  "Recently, Glenn Greenwald answered some questions from a reader which he was willing to do because said reader showed proper awe and deference."

Now we know why she got all those Oscars:  "Meryl Streep jumps on Zio-bandwagon to bad-mouth Walt Disney"

"The Bipartisan Effort to Deprive the NSA of Water and Electricity"  Barry ain't gonna stop them; direct action of various kinds is the only hope.  Anyone you know to work for the NSA should be shunned in all possible ways.

The latest cleverness from the writers of Person of Interest:  "Decoded the morse code... [SPOILERS]"  The plot turned on the point that only the younger person, who was being tortured and mutilated by the older evil government agent, could hear the message containing instructions of escape being broadcast at a frequency too high for older people to hear.  The show actually broadcast the message at the high frequency, meaning only some of the television audience could hear it (which may also be a joke at the expense of CBS, with its aged audience).  Mosquito
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