Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No change, no hope

"Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, It's About Blackmail, Not National Security"  Blackmail is important, but I think the bigger reason for the mass surveillance state is to create the general idea (paranoia) that since they know everything about everyone, the destruction of your reputation and your life is always possible, and will be used against you if you even think subversive thoughts, subversion being anything that might undermine the position of the 1%.  Surveillance is social control (and has been under every fascist government through recorded history).  We still have the war on drugs for the same reason, but the surveillance threat tends to be more effective against slightly higher classes.

"Why is the West Silent on Myanmar Carnage?"  Because the victims of the genocide are Muslims, and not the kind of Muslims who can be easily labeled as 'terrorists' (i.e., they had it coming), and so the Jew-controlled media doesn't find harping on this genocide to be useful in the general narrative that allows Jews to kill people and steal their lands.

"How the young elite rise in Washington, D.C."  See also The Null Device.  As the songwriters/producers are the only relevant part of contemporary pop music, the latest toy for the parents of the 1% to buy their children is a music career (or even a sitcom, where there is similarly no requirement for the 'star' to have any talent).

"Fact-checking Jeffrey Goldberg: the American Jewish unanimity on Israel"  The single main reason for the existence of lite Zionism is to attempt to prove Goldberg wrong, but they can't because he is obviously right.  As I keep saying, the Jews who are fed up with Zionism no longer self-identify as Jews, and never think about things like the Holocaust or 'anti-Semitism' or Jewish baseball players, things that are still literally obsessions for the lite Zionists.

No change, no hope zone:  "Obama’s Speech, Annotated Version"
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