Sunday, January 26, 2014

Problems with names

Not in the American mainstream media (except as a tale of military suicides; via Angry Arab; my emphasis in red):
"Local media reported Thursday evening that the Lebanese man who is believed to have shot himself and his two daughters dead in the U.S. has a link to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. 
Rihad Ezzedine, a 43-year-old from the southern town of Kafra, was found dead in his home in Texas’ Fort Hood military base early Tuesday morning along with his two daughters, Layla and Zeinab, 9 and 4 respectively, according to the Associated Press.
Lebanese media reported that Ezzedine’s brother, Mostafa Ezzedine, is the owner of one of the phone numbers the STL’s prosecution team says was used in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Mostafa Ezzeddine has confirmed that he has owned the number since 2002, according to local TV station Al-Jadeed. U.S. Army investigators said Thursday that Rihad Ezzedine was thought to have shot his daughters before committing suicide.
His wife and the mother to the two children has been identified by investigators as 33-year-old Pfc. Carla Santisteban, 33.
She was reported to have arrived back in Fort Hood from an assignment in Afghanistan just hours before the deaths were discovered. The investigation is ongoing."
""Les deux enfants seront enterrés au Perou - pays d'origine de leur mère, laquelle est une militaire dans l'armée américaine. La dépouille de Ezzedine sera transportée des Etats-Unis vers Kafra - Liban, où il sera inhumé", toujours selon la même source.

Le responsable de la police, Anthony Lerardi a déploré "cette grande tragédie pour la famille et la mère des deux petites. Nous faisons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir dans ces moments". "
'Anthony Lerardi' is almost certainly Major General Anthony R. Ierardi.

An earlier Angry Arab posting (my emphasis in red):
"New TV has been airing reports about cellphone numbers used by the Hariri tribunal to track the alleged killers of Rafiq Hariri.  Some of those cellphone numbers actually belong to current users.  The court was compelled to issue a statement saying that one cellphone number was in fact erroneous but that this was due to a misprint. But New TV pointed out other erroneous cellphone numbers and yesterday issued a report that shows that the court confused Mustafa Badr Ad-Din with Mustafa Izz-id-Din, and when stupid mistakes like that appear I always suspect Israeli experts consulted in the case.  Of course, none of the corruption (financial and otherwise) about the court have been written about in the Western press. The Western press is satisfied writing regular articles about how sad Sa`d Hariri has been about losing his father."
In trying to pin the Hariri assassination on Mustafa Badr Ad-Din, a prominent Hezbollah commander, the tribunal confused the names Mustafa Badr Ad-Din and Mustafa Izz-id-Din, and Mustafa Izz-id-Din is almost certainly the Mostafa Ezzeddine referred to in the reporting,  the brother of the guy who allegedly is the murderer-suicide.  The murderer-suicide lived at Fort Hood and was married to a soldier who had just returned from her deployment in Afghanistan.  Note the reporting on the soldier, with hints she was upset at his infidelity, an extremely odd thing to write about a grieving mother ("“A relationship is only for two,” it read, “but some (expletive) don't know how to count.”").

Too many coincidences for me.  It looks very strongly that the American military is assisting the Hariri tribunal in framing Hezbollah, and the cock-up in the telephone numbers may well have resulted in the murder of Rihad Ezzedine, with the daughters thrown in to make it look like a murder-suicide.  Ruthless bastards!
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