Sunday, January 05, 2014

Security Arc

"Ibragim Todashev’s Father Writes Open Letter to Obama, Releases Photos Surrounding Son’s Death [Warning: Graphic]"  The ridiculous utter lack of accountability for an FBI blatant cover up/cold-blooded murder is indicative of the fact that the maximal police state is already here.

"The economics of the Gulen cult's American charter schools"  The American charter school scam meets the Gulen intelligence scam.  The Turks win all the construction contracts not because they have the lowest bids, but because of 'intangibles'.  "Turkish quake reveals shoddy building techniques"  "Concrete problems"

"Another Former Senior CIA Officer Identifies Jewish Lobby as Syrian War Mongers as “Slam-Dunk” Evidence Exposed as a Lie"

It is amazing how many things have changed due to the American decision not to directly fight a War For The Jews in Syria.  Hollande is in Africa, slaughtering African civilians when he would much rather be slaughtering Syrian civilians.  There are terrorist attacks in Russia which have something to do with the fact that Russia blocked the Syrian war.  There is a spate of terrorism in Lebanon (and a mysteriously dead terrorist who knew too much).  There is a strange civil war in the Zionist rump of Sudan.  Bandar Bush has moved a lot of his operations to Iraq, and is now Bandar of Fallujah, more than somewhat ironic given the massive war crimes committed by Americans to 'free' Fallujah.

""Security Arc" forms amidst Mideast terror" From 'Axis of Evil' to 'Security Arc'.

"The mystery of the death of the Palestinian ambassador in Prague"  The Czech government is revoltingly Zionist, and is covering up like crazy (as are the Palestinian collaborators), so we can probably figure out who is involved.  But why?

"So What Do We Do Now? Living in a Post-Snowden World"  We have to do something, but there is nothing we can do.

"In India, a Spectre is Haunting Us All"  India has done some things right, but their 1% problem may be the most horrible in the world.

"Jewish establishment slams MLA boycott panel for not including Israel advocates"  One of the recent Jewish tricks is to set up public panel discussions consisting of a bunch of Jews pretending to care about the plight of the Palestinians, so this is choice irony.

"Is Ted Cruz a true American?"  Canadians are starting to discuss who will take over for Harper . . .
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