Thursday, January 16, 2014


"New analysis of rocket used in Syria chemical attack undercuts U.S. claims"  I guess we'll have to wait a while for the abject apologies to Mother Agnes from the 'progressives for carpet bombing'.  It took quite a bit of Russian cleverness to keep the Americans out of yet another War For The Jews based on yet another false-flag attack built up by the evil Jew-controlled media (note that this debunking came from McClatchy).  You can see why some people might start to get angry about this sort of thing.

"Press release: Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Environment Chapter"  "Wikileaks Releases TPP Environmental Chapter; Once Again Shows Why Negotiators Wanted Details Hidden"  The 1% is willing to drop the environmental protections - which they most assuredly don't want - in order to get the intellectual property grasping they do want.  It is no wonder the 1% needs to keep this hidden, and let's hear it for Wikileaks, again.  By the way, do you think the 1% has yet realized that nobody wants to negotiate with the United States any more, in large part due to the Wars For the Jews and other Zionist shenanigans like the sanctions against Iran?

"NSA Data Have No Impact on Terrorism: Report"  I think the technical term is 'duh'.

By the way, the liar-in-chief for the NSA is Feinstein, who simultaneously seems to be working for the anti-settler movement Jewish billionaires:  "‘We can’t let Israel determine when and where U.S. goes to war,’ says Feinstein, but Hillary is quiet as a mouse".  There is now a clear line between the Obama Jewish billionaires, a cautious group of rabid Zionists who nevertheless feel that the era of Wars For The Jews is coming to an end, and the Jewish billionaires behind AIPAC (and Hillary/Romney), who adhere to a rabid blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionism following the policies dictated by the Jewish generals who take their instructions from the settler movement.

"The End of Palestine? An Interview with Norman G. Finkelstein"  It is the same settler movement which will save Palestine, as the settlers won't accept anything less than the full Zionist Empire from Nile to Euphrates, meaning they will not accept any fixed boundaries for Israel, meaning they will never let Bibi negotiate even the most ridiculously one-sided deal with Abbas.  See:  "The problem is Netanyahu, not Ya’alon" (except the lack of a terrible agreement is not a 'problem').

"The battle for human survival" by John Kaminski (see also here).  Too far?  Unless they drop the use of lawfare, I can see a complete ban from the legal profession, either as lawyers or judges, based on the concept of vexatious litigants.

"Douglas Coupland: Unclassy"
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