Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Found her marbles

"GCSB deleted key evidence - Dotcom" Note the headline is a lie as it intends you to believe this is the unsubstantiated allegation of Kim Dotcom.

"Did CSEC really track Canadian airport travellers?"  Whatever they were up to it was completely illegal, and they knew it was completely illegal, making them scofflaws of the highest order, completely untrustworthy criminals who should be locked up and the keys thrown away.  The only bright side is that it brought us the spectacle of a slimy Harper mouthpiece calling Greenwald a 'porn spy', which, given the extreme paraphilia involved in working for CSEC, is an obvious example of projection.
"Canada’s not-so-secret plan to spy on everyone: Walkom"
"U.S. case law upholds disinheritance of Jewish children who marry outside tribe"  Can you imagine the reaction if any other group tried this?

Philip Seymour Hoffman (comment by Booyakasha Booyakasha; there is a strange war going on between the Church of Scientology and World Jewry, with Scientology playing off celebrity culture by offering protection to actors against the Jewish stranglehold over Hollywood, and World Jewry fighting back using its control of the media to make fun of Scientologists):
"It strikes me as suspicious that Hoffman's addiction, which he'd been free and clear from for over 20 years, happened to resurface while promoting a film critical of the "church" of you-know-what. What rehab was he admitted to? Who ran it?"
"Welcome To The United King-Doom" (Atzmon) Pathetic servility of the British government working to the script of World Jewry.

"WSJ: Tom Perkins was on to something"  Note the parallels with the outrage over the quenelle - in both cases, a story about natural outrage at the 1% is being appropriated by World Jewry for its own purposes.

"The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World."

"Marbles that belonged to Anne Frank re-discovered"  The Palestinians are again being 'negotiated' to death, so we're seeing a lot of this kind of story.
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