Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How much for a regime change?

I don't think the Greenwald government trolling story is all that interesting, but the American government authorities who control Reddit moderators have ordered it censored (or, rather, semi-censored, presumably to make it seem important, as part of the larger psychological operation to convince people that resistance is futile).

It is rather sad that so many Ukrainians seem convinced that they have done something heroic.  It appears you can now walk into an office in Chicago and buy a regime change:  "The Shallow State". In fact, the whole operation looks like, and may very well be, no more than a method of springing one extremely corrupt woman out of jail.  The same (mainly Jewish) oligarchs will now simply shift their allegiances (again).

"Angela Merkel Did Nazi This One Coming"  This was set up - note how oddly they are standing, and the bizarre beam of bright light coming in at an oblique angle.  "Merkel’s Germany: More Capitulation to Apartheid Israel, Immoral Stance Toward the Palestinian People"

"Russia’s ambassador says Moscow won’t send troops to Ukraine" (with extra points for style):
"It’s very simple. We are no NATO, it’s not Libya, you won’t see any Russian troops in Ukraine."
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